Herman Cain source says harassment allegations raised $350,000 for campaign

Chris Moody & Rachel Rose Hartman
November 1, 2011

The news media's focus on past accusations of sexual harassment this week hasn't been all bad for Herman Cain. His presidential campaign raised at least $350,000 since Politico published its story Sunday night, a source close the campaign told Yahoo News.

Mark Block, Cain's chief of staff, said Tuesday that the campaign had raised $250,000 online, but the latest information shows that contributors have given at least $300,000, campaign spokesman J.D. Gordon confirmed.

"It will take a while to determine exactly how much," Gordon told Yahoo News. "It was well over $300,000."

Fundraising reached an all-time high for the campaign while Cain and his staff were doing damage control over the Politico story, which revealed past allegations of sexual harassment against Cain when he served as head of the National Restaurant Association. At National Journal's 2012 Election Preview in Washington, D.C., Tuesday morning, Block said Monday had been one of the campaign's "best fundraising days ever."

At Tuesday morning's forum, Block repeated Cain's statement that he has never sexually harassed anyone and that the specific allegations in the news were false--"ridiculous" in Block's words. Block was especially curt with the panelists, which included Yahoo News' Chris Moody and Rachel Rose Hartman.

When asked about allegations that a Wisconsin non-profit organization illegally paid Cain's campaign expenses, Block referred the questioners to his lawyers. "We've retained outside independent counsel," Block said.

An adviser to Rick Santorum's presidential campaign used the forum to criticize Cain's response to the scandal in interviews on Monday with the media. John Brabender, a senior strategist for Santorum's campaign, said Cain's answers "changed" throughout the day.

"If you want to be the frontrunner, then I would encourage you to help all Republicans make sure we beat Barack Obama by making sure that your campaign and your candidate is forthcoming," Brabender said.

You can watch a video clip of Block's appearance below via National Journal.

Cain donors aren't the only ones making it rain this week. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's spokesman says his presidential campaign raised more money than ever on Monday as well.

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