Herman Cain’s advice for Newt Gingrich on dealing with angry ex-wives

Chris Moody
Political Reporter
The Ticket

CHARLESTON, S.C.--"Do I have any advice for Newt Gingrich for dealing with angry ex-wives?" Herman Cain said Thursday while taking questions from reporters after announcing his decision to endorse "the American people" in 2012.

"That is an irrelevant question and the American people will learn absolutely nothing if I stand here and answer that irrelevant question," Cain said. "The American people want to learn about how we fix this country."

A few minutes later, another reporter asked a similar question. In round two, Cain couldn't resist. He said:

My recommendation to Speaker Gingrich is, don't focus on it. The American people--I'm still talking to the American people and listening to the American people--they want to hear solutions to problems. How are we going to fix stuff. In this whole campaign there's been a lot of talk about what's wrong. Everybody knows what's wrong! They want to hear how you're going to fix it. And focusing on something in his past, personal life, it does not do justice to the American people folks. This is my message to you. It is an injustice to the American people to continue to drag anybody's past, personal life out and make that a story. You all are much better than that.

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