Hawaii delegate against birtherism: ‘It inspires people to a polarization’

Liz Goodwin
The Ticket

Kimo Sutton, a delegate from Hawaii who helped run Rick Santorum's campaign in the state, said he's excited to be surrounded by Republicans since his state is one of the bluest in the nation.

The Hawaii delegates, all wearing Hawaiian shirts and leis, are seated in the far back of the floor, reflecting their low position on the GOP totem pole.

Sutton said he would have a beer with President Barack Obama, who was born in the same hospital and attended the same high school as Sutton did in Honolulu. But he thinks he's been a terrible president. Still, the Hawaii delegate is against the strain of birtherism in the party. "It's the wrong way to go because it inspires people to a polarization," Sutton, who now backs Mitt Romney, said.

As if on cue, a few minutes later, a Nebraska delegate walked by and leaned over. "I have a question for Hawaii—have you found his birth certificate yet?" She laughed and kept walking.