#HashOut On Location: What do you want to hear Obama talk about in his second inaugural address?

Baratunde Thurston
The Ticket

From post-brunching DC natives to travelers disembarking from Union Station to political enthusiasts visiting the finish line of the inaugural parade, we found a wide range of Americans willing to share what they hope President Barack Obama says during his second inaugural address.

Several people commented on recent tragedies, both natural and man-made, and the opportunity they presented to bring the country together, especially around reducing gun violence.

Ideas both specific and general emerged. No one figure captured that range better than a Vietnam veteran named Jim who wanted to hear the president declare that he would audit the Federal Reserve and also called on the president to "restore the social contract."

And of course, there were the fans. With the city's Republican population having largely fled or remaining indoors, we came across one woman who was still gloating from President Obama's election victory, adding, "I'm so thrilled he's standing there speaking. I don't care if he recites the alphabet!"