#HashOut On Location: Who had a better first term, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama?

Mia Trovato
The Ticket

We've shot #Hashout On Location on moving escalators, in crowded streets, and on convention floors, but today we pushed even farther by interviewing a man on a treadmill and recording in a moving train car. I'm hoping a roller coaster or stock car is in the works, because why stop now?

Today's question pitted the man from Hope (Arkansas) with the man elected by hope when we asked if people thought Bill Clinton or Barack Obama had the better first term as president. "Barack," said many, who explained that he had a more resistant Congress and economic challenges to deal with than the previous Democratic president. "Clinton," said others who miss the days of low gas prices and saxophone-playing.

My favorite interview is the one you'll never see because the man refused to talk politics on camera. "My mother is CRAZY when it comes to politics, and I can't talk about politics on the Internet if there's a chance she'll see it," he said.

"So you're a grown man but still afraid of your mother?" I asked.

"Absolutely," he confessed.

Who do you think had the better first term as president? Weigh in on HashOut online.