Glenn Beck slams Mike Huckabee as ‘thin-skinned’

Holly Bailey

The feud between Glenn Beck and Mike Huckabee continues.

A day after Huckabee lambasted the Fox News host for criticizing him over his support of First Lady Michelle Obama's campaign to end childhood obesity, Beck doubled-down on his criticism of the former Arkansas governor, suggesting he's "co-opting" liberal talking points.

"If, sir, you are this thin-skinned about your politics, it might be best for you to stay on the sidelines" and not run," Beck said, per Politico's Kendra Marr.

On Thursday, Huckabee trashed Beck for calling him a "progressive," noting that Beck has said "the same to a 'cancer' and a 'Nazi.'" But Beck insisted he only said Nazis used "progressive tactics" and reiterated his belief that the progressive movement "is a cancer on our nation … not a specific person being an actual disease."

Beck accused Huckabee of siding with George Soros, who he frequently cites as a liberal bogeyman on his radio and TV show.

"Interesting how you would go to 'Media Matters' talking points when you feel it would benefit you, Mr. Huckabee," Beck said, referring to the liberal watchdog group that is funded, in part, by Soros.

(Photo of Beck: Michael Dinneen/AP)