Gingrich’s latest Romney slam: He taxed the blind

Chris Moody
Political Reporter
The Ticket

NASHUA, N.H. -- Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has added a new item to his repertoire of attacks against Mitt Romney since his decision to turn up the heat on the former governor, telling a local Republican group on Friday that Romney raised taxes on the blind.

"Governor Romney ... promised that he wouldn't raise taxes. Well it was only $750 million in tax increases," Gingrich told the Hillsborough County Republicans. "Including, strangely enough, a tax on people who are blind. Now, I know they were scraping the bottom of the barrel, but surely there are ways to avoid taxing people who are blind."

So what was he talking about? In 2007, Romney proposed millions in fees to pay for balancing the state budget, including one fee that charged $10 to receive a state certificate of blindness. It was later repealed.

The candidates will debate twice this weekend in New Hampshire. Expect to hear more of these nuggets coming from Gingrich at both contests.

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