FIRST TICKET: Still no budget deal ahead of shutdown; Haley Barbour silent on Florida primary debate

Holly Bailey

Welcome to First Ticket, a morning snapshot of the day's political news.

• President Obama and congressional leaders met late into the night, but, again, didn't reach a budget agreement. (Associated Press)

• Obama postponed his trip to Indiana today. (Political Ticker)

• And John Boehner vowed to stay in DC until a budget deal is reached. (Politico)

• Joe Manchin thinks Obama didn't show leadership on the budget. (The Note)

• Haley Barbour won't say if Florida should be punished if it schedules an early 2012 primary. (St. Petersburg Times)

• Tim Pawlenty is planning a major "kickoff" fundraiser in May. (Minnesota Public Radio)

• An Iowa homeowner who found a drunk Pawlenty staffer at his back door, and held him at gunpoint. (Des Moines Register)

• Obama is struggling with white voters. (Hotline on Call)

• Donald Trump is planning to meet with the author of Arizona's birther bill. (The Caucus)

• Meanwhile, Trump gave Charlie Sheen a place to stay. (Daily Intel)