FIRST TICKET: Still no budget deal ahead of shutdown threat; Rahm Emanuel does not look good in a toga

Holly Bailey

Welcome to First Ticket, a morning snapshot of the day's political news.

• President Obama reported progress on budget talks, but still no deal. (Associated Press)

• Donald Trump says he has investigators in Hawaii looking for Obama's birth certificate. (The Page)

• Chris Christie referred to teachers union officials as "political thugs." (ABC News)

• A close friend of Obama was arrested in a prostitution ring. (KITV)

• Rahm Emanuel: "I do not look good in a toga." (Chicago Sun-Times)

• Mike Huckabee is mad about Mother Jones's story about his missing records. (US News)

• Even "Fox & Friends" thought Tim Pawlenty's "Depends" joke was bad. (GOP 12)

• John McCain thinks Twitter rules. (Politico)

• Jon Huntsman trashed China's human rights record. (The Note)

• The Washington Post and Bloomberg News will co-host a GOP presidential debate in October. (The Fix)