FINAL TICKET: Mark Sanford says affair helped him to govern better

Brett Michael Dykes
National Affairs Reporter
The Ticket

Here is our roster of stories that managed to evade the full-on blog treatment:

• Mark Sanford says that having an affair helped him to govern. (Politico)

• Harry Reid -- a well-known friend of the gaming industry -- is trying to add a provision to the Obama tax cut package that would legalize online poker. (Las Vegas Sun)

• Some critics are assailing Newt Gingrich for using the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks to promote sales of his books. (Gawker)

• Joe Miller still seems to be acting very much like a candidate and isn't backing down in his challenges to the results of the Alaska Senate race. (Politics Daily)

• Texas GOP Rep. Joe Barton is making his final pitch to chair the House Energy Committee. (Daily Caller)

• Sarah Palin is blasting "bailouts" for state governments. (Facebook)

• Vice President Joe Biden has been dispatched to Capitol Hill to sell Democrats in Congress on the Obama tax cut package. (The Hill)