FINAL TICKET: Bill Clinton to offer advice to Obama

Brett Michael Dykes
December 9, 2010

Here is our roster of stories that somehow eluded the full-on blog treatment:

• President Obama will meet with Bill Clinton tomorrow at the White House to consult over how he should govern going forward. (New York Times)

• Press Secretary Robert Gibbs insists that Obama hasn't smoked in months. (ABC News)

• A new poll finds that Michigan Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow could be vulnerable to a Republican challenge in 2012. (Roll Call)

• Sarah Palin will discuss her reading habits with Barbara Walters tonight on ABC. (Newsmax)

• Ron Paul, who authored a book calling for the end of the Federal Reserve, will chair the Fed oversight subcommittee in the House. (Bloomberg)

• An anonymous House Democrat was overheard using a dismissive Anglo-Saxon curse in reference to the president this morning. (ABC News)