Federal government typo of the day

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The Senate Office of Education and Training dropped off new manuals around Capitol Hill Friday, and aides quickly noticed that something was a bit off.

"Look what came across my desk with a glaring error! Bet they'll reprint 'em!" tweeted Sen. Rand Paul spokeswoman Moira Bagley, who took the photo above.

The booklet is a training directory for staffers on Capitol Hill.

"Ooh! They've got an editing and proofreading class!" she said in a later tweet.

Terrance Gainer, the U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms, who oversees the Office of Education and Training, said they are fixing the problem.

"Not much I can say about the mistake you discovered other than follow a very sound theory: 'mess up, fess up and clean up,'" Gainer told Yahoo News. "The error is being corrected."

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