Drone strike? Obama speaks twice as long as Netanyahu (interactive)

Chris Wilson
The Ticket

President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a 42-minute joint press conference on Wednesday in which they traded jabs about "red lines." Given that the relationship between the leaders has been reportedly frosty in the past, it was a much-watched exchange.

In the following interactive, you can search for any word or phrase you like and see which speakers—including the reporters—said which words most often. The miniview to the right identifies the speakers by color.

When you search for "Iran," for example, you see that Obama dwelled on the point more frequently than Netanyahu—though, to be fair, he also outspoke his counterpart by a ratio of 2.3 words to Netanyahu's 1. (You can see the total word count and paragraph count at the bottom. The box will also update when you search for a word with the total count for your query.)