Conservative group to spend more than $6 million on anti-Obama ads in swing states

Chris Moody
Political Reporter
The Ticket

Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group based in Washington, D.C., with chapters in 34 states, will unveil a strategic plan Thursday for a $6 million ad campaign opposing President Barack Obama.

The campaign, which will focus on Obama's energy policy during his presidency, begins Friday with commercials airing in swing states Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Michigan, Nevada, Iowa, Colorado and New Mexico.

The group earlier this year spent another $6.5 million on ads highlighting a government loan to Solyndra, a solar company that filed for bankruptcy after receiving $500 million in taxpayer funds. The new ad campaign shifts focus to federal energy initiatives in the so-called "stimulus" program that helped pay for projects abroad.

"American taxpayers are paying to send their own jobs to foreign countries," the ad says.

Americans for Prosperity was one of the lead organizers of the tea party movement. During the Republican presidential primaries, all of the candidates spoke at events sponsored by the group.

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