Congressman Thad McCotter ‘bummed’ that R.E.M is splitting up

Chris Moody

Thaddeus McCotter, a Republican congressman from Michigan known for his ability to shred on the guitar, never got to see R.E.M play live.

The band announced they were splitting up Wednesday after more than three decades together, and McCotter, who plays in the rock band "Dr. Zaius and The Bright Eyes," said he was "bummed" about the news.

"What's Peter Buck going to do now?" McCotter told The Ticket, referring to the band's guitarist. "That's too bad. I just downloaded all my stuff onto my iPod late last year during lame-duck. And it was one of the ones I found myself going back and listening to. You know, especially when they do the Velvet Underground covers."

McCotter said he has listened to R.E.M since the 1980s, when they first started to make it big on MTV.

"I'm bummed, that's too bad," he said. "But all things must pass. They had a good run."

When asked if he ever made it to a concert, McCotter looked down and said, "I never had the chance, I never had the chance."

In July, McCotter announced that he would run for the Republican presidential nomination, but due to low poll numbers he has not been invited to any of the debates.  And he won't be watching tomorrow's debate in Orlando, Fla. either.

"I'll probably be listening to R.E.M.," he said.