Charlie Crist settles lawsuit and buddies up with the Talking Heads’ David Byrne

Holly Bailey

Charlie Crist is finally back on the good side of former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne.

Per the Miami Herald's Marc Caputo, the former Florida governor quietly settled a lawsuit last week over his 2010 Senate campaign's use of the Talking Heads song, "Road to Nowhere," in an attack against GOP rival Marco Rubio. Crist removed the ad, after Byrne complained his song was used without permission, but the singer followed up with a $1 million copyright infringement lawsuit.

The settlement terms weren't disclosed, but Byrne must have been happy. In a twist that seems inspired by the Talking Heads' other well-known hit, "Once in a Lifetime," observers tell the Herald the singer was spotted palling around with Crist like they were "old friends"--a description Crist doesn't dispute.

"It was kind of like that," Crist laughed. "He's a wonderful guy. A very kind man. I really have great respect for him. He's an incredible artist. We had a good interaction last week and a nice settlement. And I'm very pleased."

Meanwhile, Byrne's attorney, Edward M. Livingston, adds another dimension to the lovefest, talking up the physical similarities between the unnaturally tan ex-governor and the white-haired rocker.

"Really, Gov. Crist almost looks like David Byrne, it's kind of neat," Livingston said. "They could've been brothers."

(Photo of Crist: Mike Carlson/AP)