Bruce Springsteen: ‘The first debate really freaked me out’

Chris Moody

MADISON, Wis.—President Barack Obama kicked off the final day of campaigning here Monday with musician Bruce Springsteen who, as it turns out, can do a very convincing impersonation of the president.

Springsteen played a short set of songs—including one he wrote specifically about Obama—for an estimated crowd of 18,000 near the state capitol building.

Between songs, Springsteen urged those at the rally to vote for Obama.

"I stood with President Obama four years ago, and I'm proud to be standing with him here today," Springsteen said while strumming his guitar. "Because he promised me a ride on Air Force One!"

He was joking, of course (although he is riding in the president's plane). He went on to thank Obama for the auto bailout, the health care overhaul and scaling down the American presence in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Springsteen's spot-on impersonation came while recounting a phone call he had with the president.

But The Boss didn't always feel so positive about Obama.

"The first debate really freaked me out," he said.

Obama and Springsteen will travel together from Madison to Columbus, Ohio, and Des Moines, Iowa.