BREAKING: Republican insiders who worked for Romney think Romney is better than Perry

Chris Moody
September 2, 2011

A new National Journal survey of Washington, D.C. "insiders"--"political operatives, strategists, campaign consultants and lobbyists"--found that most of those polled think former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney would be a better presidential nominee than Texas Gov. Rick Perry. But the report left out one small detail: Nearly one in four of the Republican insiders who took part in the survey have worked for or currently work for Romney's campaign.

Sean Davis, a political analyst and former aide to Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn, was the first to catch it:

"[A]t least 30 of the 141 GOP operatives polled—nearly 25 percent of the GOP sample—currently work for Romney or worked for his 2008 presidential campaign. Only one insider was readily identified in a Google search as being a member of Team Perry," Davis wrote on the conservative blog

Nearly 70 percent of the Republican responders in the poll said Romney had a better chance of beating President Barack Obama, compared to just 31 percent for Perry. In nationwide polls, Perry currently leads Romney by an average of about 10 points, according to surveys gathered by

That several Romney staffers took part in the poll shouldn't be all that shocking when you consider that Romney ran for president in the 2008 election cycle, the report's co-author Taylor West told the The Ticket in an email.

"Given that Mitt Romney is in the middle of his second major national campaign, it shouldn't be terribly surprising that some of those professionals have worked for him at one point or another," West told The Ticket.

Here's a list of the former and current Romney staffers in the poll, courtesy of Davis. Most of them worked for Romney in 2008:

Name Campaign Role Year
Wayne Berman Fundraiser 2012
Neil Newhouse Pollster 2012
David Tamasi Fundraiser 2012
Eric Tanenblatt Fundraiser 2012
Rich Ashooh Fundraiser 2008
Jeff Buley Lawyer 2008
Al Cardenas Chairman — National Hispanic Steering Committee 2008
Alex Castellanos Media Strategist 2008
Cesar Conda Adviser 2008
Debi Durham Surrogate — Iowa 2008
Mindy Finn Chief Online Strategist 2008
Carl Forti Political Director/Deputy Campaign Manager 2008
Alex Gage Data Cruncher 2008
Bruce A. Gates Fundraiser 2008
Benjamin Ginsberg National Counsel 2008
Doug Gross Campaign Chairman — Iowa 2008
Steve Lombardo Adviser 2008
Kevin Madden Campaign Spokesman 2008
Jim Merrill State Director — New Hampshire 2008
Phil Musser Adviser 2008
David Norcross Campaign Co-Chairman — New Jersey 2008
Van B. Poole Fundraiser — Florida Finance Committee 2008
Tom Rath Senior National Adviser 2008
Jason Roe Deputy Campaign Manager 2008
Russ Schriefer Media Strategist 2008
Rick Shelby Fundraiser 2008
Terry Sullivan Adviser — South Carolina 2008
Warren Tompkins Adviser — South Carolina 2008
Jan van Lohuizen Pollster 2008
Mike Murphy Adviser 2006