Both candidates use question on political decency to attack opponent

Eric Pfeiffer
The Ticket
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In the final question of Thursday night's vice presidential debate, each candidate was asked whether the campaign has become too negative. Moderator Martha Raddatz quoted a U.S. soldier who said he found the tone of the debate disheartening.

However, neither candidate was directly willing to admit that his side had stepped over the rhetorical line. Instead, both vice president Joe Biden and GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan used their answers to continue going after their opponent.

"He should not be thrown into the category of the 47 percent who were not paying their taxes while he was out there fighting for his country," Biden said of the soldier in question. However, Biden did note that, "There have been things said in campaigns that I find not very appealing."

When it was his turn, Ryan criticized President Barack Obama, saying, "You have a president who ran for president on hope and change who has now turned his campaign into attack, blame and defame. … That's what we're getting from this administration--speeches but it's not leadership. But we have a president who broke his biggest promise to bring this country together to solve our nation's problems."