Bolling passes on independent run for Virginia governor

Rachel Rose Hartman

Virginia Lieutenant Gov. Bill Bolling on Tuesday announced he will not launch an independent candidacy for the Virginia governor's race, once again clearing a path for a showdown between Republican State Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe this year.

"In many ways I would have enjoyed participating in such a campaign a great deal and I think it could have been good for Virginia. However, after a great deal of consideration I have decided that I will not be an Independent candidate for Governor this year," Bolling said in a statement.

Bolling listed several factors that contributed to his decision, including fundraising challenges as an independent, the necessity to sever ties with the GOP, and what he views to be a hyperpartisan political climate. "I just don’t find the political process to be as enjoyable as I once did," he said.

Bolling had originally launched a campaign for the 2013 race as a Republican, but dropped his bid in late November citing a desire to avoid divisions within the Republican Party.