Boehner invites Obama to give State of the Union on Feb. 12

Olivier Knox
The Ticket

Republican House Speaker John Boehner on Friday formally invited President Barack Obama to deliver his State of the Union address on Feb. 12.

“Our nation continues to face immense challenges, and the American people expect us to work together in the new year to find meaningful solutions,” Boehner said in a letter to Obama released by the speaker’s office. “This will require a willingness to seek common ground as well as presidential leadership.

“For that reason, the Congress and the Nation would welcome an opportunity to hear your plan and specific solutions for addressing America’s great challenges,” the lawmaker continued. “Therefore, it is my privilege to invite you to speak before a Joint Session of Congress on February 12, 2013, in the House Chamber of the U.S. Capitol Building.”

Obama will get two high-profile opportunities to address the country (and the world) within just a few weeks. He will make his inaugural address on Jan. 21, laying out his broad vision for his second term in the White House. The State of the Union is expected to be more heavy on policy (though that particular speech is sometimes lampooned as “I come before you tonight to speak in ringing tones and stare into the middle distance," no matter who is the president).