Boehner gets teary amid threat of a government shutdown

Holly Bailey

Amid the threat of a looming government shutdown, House Speaker John Boehner is getting emotional again.

Per ABC News's Jon Karl, the Republican leader, who is known for his tears, was updating the House GOP caucus this morning on the ongoing budget stand-off when his emotions got the best of him. As he was thanking fellow Republicans for sticking with him amid the tense negotiations, the GOP lawmakers rose to give him a standing ovation, prompting Boehner to weep.

"Yes," a person at the private meeting tells ABC. "He cried, but only briefly."

At an afternoon news conference today, Boehner announced the House GOP will press forward with a short-term government funding bill in hopes of averting a shutdown this Friday. But President Obama said Tuesday he wouldn't support a measure.

(Photo of Boehner: Charles Dharapak/AP)