Boehner draws low approval ratings for ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations

Rachel Rose Hartman

Some polls taken prior to the "fiscal cliff" resolution found that Americans were preparing to cast more blame on Republicans for a fiscal cliff failure.

And despite the deal hammered out Jan. 1, a new poll suggests one Republican still emerged unfavorably from negotiations.

House Speaker John Boehner drew a 51 percent disapproval rating and a 31 percent approval rating for his handling of the fiscal cliff deal from Americans surveyed Jan. 2-6 in a Washington Post/ABC News poll released Tuesday morning. Among registered voters, Boehner received a 56 percent disapproval and 30 percent approval rating.

President Barack Obama received a 52 percent approval and 37 percent disapproval rating for his handling of the compromise, which raised taxes on households earning more than $450,000, among other changes.

More Americans surveyed approved of the resolution than disapproved, but support was far from overwhelming. Forty-five percent of Americans surveyed expressed support for the deal and 38 percent disapproved.