Bloomberg scolds media for focusing on Anthony Weiner’s past

Holly Bailey
National Correspondent
The Ticket

There’s at least one person in New York who isn’t caught up in the frenzy over whether former Rep. Anthony Weiner might run for mayor: Michael Bloomberg, the man who currently holds the seat.

Per the New York Post, Bloomberg didn’t respond kindly to reporters asking him for his reaction to Weiner’s possible return to politics, disclosed in a lengthy New York Times magazine story this week. Bloomberg said it was up to the ex-lawmaker “to decide whether he wants to run or not.”

But then Bloomberg chided reporters for even asking him about Weiner's political plans and said they were focusing too much on the sexting scandal that forced Weiner from office two years ago.

“I think the fact that that's the question of the day ... there's got to be more important things than who runs or his history. We have major problems facing this city. Maybe that's what you should be focusing on,” Bloomberg said, per the Post.

He called Weiner’s past “irrelevant” to the race and insisted reporters should be questioning him on policy issues that are crucial to the future of the city.

"I haven't seen one article talking about Anthony Weiner's views on mass transit, like you talked about earlier, or anything else," Bloomberg said. "They're all talking about something that is totally irrelevant to the problems of the city."