Bloomberg’s daughter writes a novel inspired by her father

Holly Bailey
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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has fiercely guarded his private life during his nearly 10 years in office.

But a key member of Bloomberg's inner circle is finally offering a glimpse into the household of a particularly powerful and blunt-talking Wall Street billionaire, painting a portrait of a family driven by clashes over money and a Type A father insisting that his daughters pursue conventional careers.

And as the New York Times reports, the source of this insider's account is someone who would know Bloomberg well: his 28-year-old daughter, Georgina.

Her book, "The A Circuit," is technically fiction. But there's no mistaking who inspired the plot.

In the book, Rick Aaronson "owns half of New York" and is father to two very different daughters. His older daughter, Callie, is an Ivy League graduate, who, like her father, adores politics. His youngest, Thomisina, is a champion equestrian who clashes with her father over his push for her to make a living via a more traditional line of work.

In real life, Georgina Bloomberg's father is a billionaire who earned his fortune on Wall Street and is well known for his straight talk. Her sister, Emma, is a Princeton graduate who has worked for their father at City Hall. Georgina, meanwhile, is a professional equestrian who has admitted to clashing with her father for not being "the ideal political daughter."

In an interview with the Times, Georgina Bloomberg insisted the book is more about the horse world than her family, but she admitted she relates to the character of Thomisina. Asked explicitly if Rick Aaronson is based on her father, Bloomberg "fumbled with her coffee cup … and erupted into nervous laughter," according to the Times.

"Yes, O.K., a lot of people could see similarities," she admitted. "I think that's something that hopefully people see as kind of a universal idea, not just something that's, 'Oh, this is about Georgina and her father.' "

Bloomberg says she didn't ask her father for permission to write the book and didn't ask him for his opinion--though the mayor has read it.

In a statement, Michael Bloomberg called the novel "the first young adult work I've read in many, many years." He wouldn't comment on the character of Rick Aaronson.

"I've long been proud of Georgina's accomplishments in and out of the show ring, and now I'm proud of her work behind the keyboard, too," Bloomberg told the Times.

(Photo of Georgina and Michael Bloomberg: Henny Ray Abrams/AP)

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