Bill Clinton says Hillary won’t run for NYC mayor

Holly Bailey
National Correspondent
The Ticket

NEW YORK—Former President Bill Clinton pushed back on the suggestion that his wife, Hillary, might be interested in running for mayor of New York City when she leaves her post as secretary of state next month.

In a recent phone call, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg encouraged Hillary Clinton to run for his job as he prepares to leave office in fall 2013. But she politely declined, insisting she wasn't interested in the race—a fact her husband confirmed on Wednesday.

"She debunked it, and so I will join the debunking," Bill said at a news conference at his office on Thursday on the city's teacher pension fund pledging money to repair damage from Superstorm Sandy.

His comment came just one day after a Quinnipiac poll found 51 percent of New York City voters did not want Hillary to run for mayor. Among Democrats, 50 percent said she shouldn't run as did 54 percent of women.