Biden to offer gun task force recommendations by Tuesday

Rachel Rose Hartman
The Ticket

Vice President Joe Biden said he will send President Barack Obama recommendations for ways in which the administration should respond to recent gun violence "by Tuesday."

Biden made the statement on Thursday at the start of a task force meeting with sportsmen and wildlife interest groups, noting the "narrow window" of time the president had set to respond to the December school shootings in Newtown, Conn. The president had asked Biden to issue recommendations by the end of January.

Areas of discussion for Biden's task force have included assault weapons, high-capacity magazine clips, background checks for gun buyers, mental health and gun trafficking, according to Biden, White House officials and meeting attendees. Additionally, Biden revealed on Thursday that the ability for federal agencies to research gun violence has been discussed.

The vice president on Thursday highlighted high-capacity magazines and "universal background checks" as two areas about which he's heard significant calls for reform.

Biden, like the president and other White House officials, noted again that combating gun violence will require a comprehensive response. There's "no single answer," Biden said.

Biden meets later Thursday with representatives from gun owners groups, including the NRA, and is set to hold a separate meeting with representatives from the entertainment industry.