Biden to crash Republican convention

Olivier Knox
The Ticket

A hurricane may hit the Republican National Convention next week. No, not Tropical Depression 9, or potential Hurricane Isaac. Vice President Joe Biden.

"Next week, on Monday, August 27 and Tuesday, August 28, Vice President Joe Biden will travel to the Tampa area and other cities for campaign events," President Barack Obama's campaign announced Tuesday. "Additional details on the Vice President's trip are forthcoming."

The DNC had previously announced plans for a "counter-convention" to try to steal some of the spotlight from Republicans as they gather in Tampa to formally nominate Mitt Romney.

Is the Republican National Committee worried? To hear them tell it: Not so much.

"We're excited to have him," said RNC spokesman Tim Miller.

"Vice President Biden's inevitable gaffes will only serve to further highlight the contrast voters face between the Romney/Ryan ticket's to bold solutions for fixing our economy and one that is out of ideas," he said.