Biden will bring ‘sunny day’ to storm-threatened Tampa

Olivier Knox
The Ticket

Tropical Storm Isaac? Forget it. President Barack Obama's re-election campaign has offered its own weather forecast for the Republican convention in Tampa next week: A "sunny day" for the middle class, courtesy of one Joe Biden.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Wednesday that it was "far too early to tell" whether Isaac "could pose an immediate threat" to the American coast—including, presumably, Tampa. But Earnest said FEMA was closely watching the storm and urged residents along the Atlantic seaboard to heed weather advisories and listen to local authorities.

So what about Biden? The vice president is heading to Florida as part of the Obama campaign's counter-programming—an effort to steal some of the GOP's thunder. As Scranton's favorite sun. So to speak. (Sorry).

"He's going to the belly of the beast and talking to Floridians, including seniors and Latinos, about the choice in the election between moving forward and going back," Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters aboard Air Force One.

So, a reporter asked, is Biden more of a Category 3 or a Category 4 on the storm-ranking scale?

"I think Biden is like a sunny day to the middle class families across this country who are looking for someone who is going to fight for them in the White House," Psaki said, after a pause. If there were groans in response, they were not audible to reporters listening to the briefing at the White House.