Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma, handles her husband’s scandal with grace

Holly Bailey
The Ticket
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Huma Abedin has remained silent in the days since her husband, Rep. Anthony Weiner, admitted to sending raunchy messages and photos to women he met online. But as her husband fights for his political survival in the wake of the embarrassing sex scandal, Abedin appears to be trying to live life as normally as she can.

A day after it was revealed that she's pregnant with the couple's first child, Abedin was spotted Thursday in Abu Dhabi, traveling with her longtime boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on a weeklong overseas trip to the Middle East and Africa.

Abedin, who has never sought the spotlight, offered a smile for photographers and did not appear upset. Friends say she's remained professional and dedicated to her job in spite of the drama unfolding in her personal life.

"She hasn't missed a beat throughout," State Department spokesman Philippe Reines tells the AP's Beth Fouhy.

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While her relationship with Weiner has been subject of intense speculation in recent days, observers have perhaps been even more curious about the discussions Abedin and her boss must be having in the wake of the congressman's confession.

After all, Clinton knows a thing or two about being the wife of a politician caught up in a sex scandal. There is no other aide closer to Clinton than Abedin, and as Fouhy reports, the Secretary of State has said she considers her longtime assistant to be almost a second daughter.

For now, it appears Abedin is standing by her husband—even if she's reluctant to do so publicly.

On Monday, Weiner insisted he and his wife had no plans to divorce—though that was before the women he communicated online with leaked even more embarrassing details about how far the New York Democrat went in his sexual activities online.

"We have no intention of splitting over this," Weiner said. "We have been through a lot together. We will weather this. I love her. And she loves me."

(Photos of Abedin: Susan Walsh/AP)