Americans are already tired of this blog post

Holly Bailey

Democrats and Republicans are as divided as ever heading into November's presidential election, but there's one thing both parties agree on: They are already tired of this campaign.

With Election Day still four months away, a new Pew Research Center poll finds that 67 percent of Americans already find the election "exhausting," while 63 percent find it "annoying." Fifty-six of those polled say the campaign has been "too long and dull."

While 60 percent say the campaign has been "informative," just 49 percent describe the election as "exciting."

Broken down by party, there's not much of an ideological divide. Democrats and Republicans in almost equal numbers report dismal reactions to the campaign, according to Pew, though more Democrats (59 percent) than Republicans (51 percent) find the race "exciting."

Still, an overwhelming majority of both parties—79 percent—describe the election as "important."