Allen West, Huckabee take sides in Florida’s 7th District incumbent battle

Rachel Rose Hartman

Prominent Republicans took sides this week in the incumbent vs. incumbent battle in Florida's 7th District—an unusual head-to-head matchup created by redistricting. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is endorsing Rep. John Mica and Florida Rep. Allen West is backing colleague and fellow tea party star Sandy Adams.

"I fully endorse Sandy Adams' candidacy for the 7th Congressional District because she represents a new generation of Republican Conservatives who have come to the Halls of Congress to find solutions and is working tireless against some on Capitol Hill who would rather perpetuate the problems," West said in a statement Thursday.

West and Adams each won election to the House in 2010 boosted by tea party support.

Adams faces 10-term lawmaker Mica in the battle of the incumbents.

While Adams has racked up outsider support—most notably from Sarah Palin—Mica has been angling for well-known conservative backers including Huckabee, who announced his endorsement of Mica Wednesday.

"John Mica is a proven leader who doesn't just talk; he achieves sound conservative results," Huckabee said. "Congressman Mica's 100 percent pro-life, pro-family and pro-2nd amendment record is one I commend and salute!"

Mica represents the current 7th District, while Adams represents the neighboring 24th. The Aug. 14 primary will likely be the deciding contest in the Republican-leaning northeastern district.