‘Abe Lincoln’ on the convention floor

Chris Moody
Political Reporter
The Ticket

TAMPA--From the convention floor at the Republican National Convention, Yahoo News reporter Liz Goodwin sends this picture of a man dressed as Abraham Lincoln sitting with the Missouri delegation:

The man in the costume is Missouri state representative George Engelbach, who defended embattled Senate candidate Todd Akin from the floor.

Goodwin reports:

"He apologized, he asked for forgiveness and since when do we not forgive?" asked Engelbach, dressed in an uncannily spot-on Abe Lincoln costume. "I know where his heart is and he's one fine individual."

Passing delegates greeted the delegate, who has donned the costume at past conventions, as "Mr. President" and "Honest Abe."

Engelbach said he hopes the national GOP will reconsider their decision to close ranks against Akin after the convention.