6 things People teaches you about Chris Christie (and 1 thing you suspected)

Olivier Knox
The Ticket

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's workout routine soundtrack includes Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen, Aerosmith, "older Bryan Adams stuff" and Rob Thomas. That's just one of the choice nuggets (two, if you count "he has a regular workout schedule") in the rowdy Republican's exclusive interview with People Magazine, which hits newsstands on Friday.

Read the whole thing, as they say. But here are six things you might not have known before the interview—and one thing you totally suspected.

1) He says the lap-band surgery is working but worries a 'victory lap' might jinx it.

Christie tells People "I'm leery of victory laps" and won't share the weight-loss numbers. "But this seems, at least for the first 13 weeks, to be getting at the root of the problem, which is that I was hungry all the time.”

2) Green beans, lettuce, cucumbers are the only veggies he'll eat.

“I’m not nearly as interested in food as I used to be. But it hasn’t all of a sudden made me a huge vegetable fan," Christie says.

3) He insists that he didn't undergo the surgery to slim down before a 2016 run for the White House.

"It has nothing to do with the performance of my job," Christie says. "I did it for myself, for Mary Pat and the kids. I’ve never been embarrassed about being overweight. I’ve been angry about it at times, but never embarrassed. I don’t think anybody should be."

4) In fact, he doesn't really like talking about running for president.

"I have a job to finish here," he says. But he quotes his mother as saying, "Do the job you have now well, and your future will take care of itself." And his mother "could tell from the time I was a little kid I was always thinking about the next big thing."

5) But, you know, if he did, the final decision would come down to him and his wife, Mary Pat.

"Anything I do with my career in the future, the kids have input, but I decide with Mary Pat," he declares.

Daughter Sarah, 17, "didn’t want me to run for governor, so it’s not like the kids get veto ability," Christie says. "She said it was going to ruin her life. It hasn’t. After meeting Prince Harry, she’s doing fine!"

6) He surprised his wife with a New York City 'date night' on Mother's Day.

She got a massage, and they enjoyed a room-service dinner. Romantic! Oh, but Christie jokes: “The hotel didn’t rent hourly, which was the awful part of it.”

So, what about the thing you always sort of suspected?

"I've never needed caffeine," Christie says, describing himself as "not a coffee or Diet Coke guy, even in law school."