A Way For Lovers To Stay Connected

ABC News
This Could Be Big

Who would design a ring that wirelessly transmits your pulse to your significant other through a pillow insert, so when you lay down to go to sleep you can feel their heart beat? Only an interactive designer with a boyfriend who works on offshore oil rig.

Joanna Montgomery, a recent college graduate from Scotland, designed the product, called Pillow Talk, because she wanted to develop technology that allows for a more intimate interaction between people.

"I realized that technology has become very literal, everything involves a screen. You can Facebook someone, or text them, or email them, but it's quite two dimensional and there isn't any real richness or depth behind it."

She originally designed Pillow Talk as her final college project, but she is currently putting the final touches on the design before it comes to market at some point this summer.

Talking to people about Pillow Talk around the office this week, I get the feeling that it's going to take a little while for Pillow Talk to catch on. The reaction has been a mix of cross eyed stares and giggles. But the YouTube video has over 200,000 views and I think people are definitely going to be curious to see how it works.