Urban Home Monitoring System Learns your Behavior

David Miller
This Could Be Big
Urban Home Monitoring System Learns your Behavior

Home security often feels a lot like “Mission: Impossible” with a professionally installed complicated network of hidden lasers and sensors, all connected to a keypad that begins counting down the moment you unlock the door. Fail to hit the code in time and you risk sounding an alarm or potentially alerting the police.

But The Canary smart home security device gets rid of all of that and simplifies this heart pounding experience that’s really not necessary for many of us, particularly renters and those living in urban areas.

The Canary is like the Nest thermostat of home security. Instead of an unattractive and complicated home security system, the Canary is a sleek and attractive cylindrical device that was built to be displayed, not hidden.

And like the Nest, the Canary learns your behavior over time and intelligently alerts you if something is out of the ordinary, using its various sensors that detect heat, noise, temperature and of course movement.

The device connects to your smart phone and sends alerts if it senses something suspicious. You can also connect multiple devices, so you can monitor multiple rooms in your home and office.

The idea for the Canary was born from the realization that there just wasn’t a home security option out there for people living in urban environments and renters.

The demand turned out to be more real than the founders imagined. After setting a modest Indiegogo crowd funding goal of $100,000, the Canary raised nearly $2 million, becoming the most successful campaign in the site’s history.

The public will get its first up close look at the device at CES in Las Vegas and will begin shipping to its Indiegogo backers this summer and will be available to the public soon after for $200 each.

There will be optional service plans for customers who want added perks like keeping the recorded video and other information stored on the cloud, but those will be optional.