It Took a Rocket Scientist to Create This Costume

ABC News
This Could Be Big

When NASA engineer Mark Rober posted a Halloween costume on YouTube last year using two iPads to create the effect of a hole through his stomach, more than 3 million people checked it out.

The idea, like the effect in Rober's stomach, blew up. But viewers complained they didn't have an extra thousand dollars lying around to outfit their own Halloween costumes in a similar way.

Rober took the complaints to heart. So when he wasn't busy designing components for the Curiosity Rover that landed on Mars a couple of months ago, he devoted evenings and weekends to developing a similar but affordable costume called Digital Dudz.

Digital Dudz is a free app for the iPhone and the Android that contains interactive videos that correspond to creepy shirts sold on There's moving eye-balls, beating hearts, slithering worms. Even President Obama and Mitt Romney have their own shirts.

Here's how it works: Once you get the shirt, cut out the eyeball, line up your phone so the interactive video aligns with the hole, duct tape your phone to the inside of the shirt and there's your creepy costume for less than $30.

We caught up with Mark Rober to learn more about his concept, and we hope he's not too traumatized from the interview.

Visit to get your own.