The Stain Proof Shirt that Won’t Get Wet

David Miller
This Could Be Big
The Stain Proof Shirt that Won’t Get Wet

Forget the club soda and leave the napkin on your lap. There is finally a shirt for every klutz who spills soda and drips soup on themselves.

It’s calling the Silic shirt and it’s made from a fabric bonded with hydrophobic nanotechnology that repels water like a raindrop on a leaf.

That means the days of, “what’s that on your shirt?” are finally over.

The “self-cleaning” shirt impressively withstands a shower fit for a Super Bowl winning head coach, without leaving a single drop.

The shirt was designed by Aamir Patel of California, who believes that we’re in the early stages of implementing technology into all of our clothes.

The Silic shirt is available for pre-order on Kickstarter now for $48 and will be available online soon.