Spy-Proof Your Phone with Portable Pocket Sleeve

Andrew Lampard
This Could Be Big
Spy-Proof Your Phone with Portable Pocket Sleeve

Worried about your phone’s security? This last month has seen dramatic leaks about the U.S. government’s surveillance tactics and reports of how susceptible cell phones are to hacking by criminals.

Sensing a potential market for phone users leery of spying and hacking, Adam Harvey and Johanna Bloomfield have developed a simple and easy product called the OFF Pocket that protects against third-party intrusion.

The OFF Pocket is a pocket sleeve woven with metalized fabric that eliminates wireless signals from entering or exiting your phone. Simply slip your phone inside this light sleeve and it cannot be accessed or traced.

“I think this is a very relevant product especially given the recent news about how much tracking and surveillance happens every day to people whether their criminals or everyday citizens,” said Harvey, who has been working on the OFF Pocket for more than a year.

Harvey said people should be concerned about location data tracking, which is part of a user’s metadata profile. He’s also concerned that phones can be hacked or compromised if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.

“I don’t think it’s that difficult to insert malicious software on someone’s phone,” Harvey said, who researched surveillance protection as a Masters student at NYU and now owns a company that makes anti-surveillance materials.

Of course, you can’t protect your phone with the OFF Pocket while you’re making calls but at least you’ll have peace of mind while it’s not in use.

Harvey says the OFF Pocket will retail between $85 and $95, and will launch it on Kickstarter in one week. It will also be available for order here in September.