Smartphone Battery Charges in 30 Seconds

David Miller
This Could Be Big

Doron Myersdorf has had a busy couple of weeks. When we sat down with him during a quick trip to New York, the Israeli inventor had been taking phone calls from investors and smart phone manufacturers who want a piece of what may be revolutionary technology.

His start-up company, StoreDot, has invented a smartphone battery that they claim can charge in only 30 seconds.

“Actually we charge faster,” Myersdorf said confidently, “but our limitation is the outlet cannot provide all of the current that we need, we can charge in 5 seconds.”

As people, we’re programmed to understand incremental advancements in technology, shaving a bit of weight off smartphones, increasing memory and added battery life. But reducing the hours it takes to charge a smartphone down to seconds is greeted with wonder and skepticism.

According to Myersdorf, the secret to the technology is that the charge is implanted into the phone. “Basically when you unplug it from the outlet it will continue to charge your phone,” he says, “it will keep charging but you won’t know about it, but the battery charges as you go.”

Before you begin to throw caution to the wind and leave your house with less than 20 percent battery life, we’re still a couple of years away from seeing this technology in your phone. The charger is still in a bulky prototype form and it will take time to integrate the batteries into the next generation of smartphones.

But while we wait, Myersdorf will continue to build the charger and decide whose investor money he wants to accept. One of the major smartphone manufacturers is already an investor but Myersdorf is quick to note that the investment does not offer exclusivity and they are free to work with any manufacturer.