This Smart Pen Spell Checks As You Write

Bill Weir, Andrew Lampard, David Miller, David Kovenetsky
This Could Be Big
This Smart Pen Spell Checks As You Write

If you think the pen has stopped evolving then you haven’t heard about Lernstift, a pen that spell checks your words as you write.

German for “learning pen,” Lernstift has a built-in motion sensor that transfers data via Wi-Fi to a handwriting recognition engine that immediately recognizes misspellings and poor calligraphy. The pen vibrates when you make a mistake.

Lernstift was created by Falk Wolsky, a German software developer and inventor, who quickly partnered with Daniel Kaesmacher to bring the pen to market. It currently operates in German and English, but any language is possible, said Kaesmacher.

“The idea for Lernstift was born from a family moment,” explained Kaesmacher during a Skype interview. Last October, Wolsky’s wife was helping their son with his homework when she noticed he was making several spelling mistakes because he wasn’t focusing. She later joked to Wolsky that she wished there was a pen that could shock their son into attentiveness.

“He heard that [and] pretty much had the vision of it being a cool product and had the idea of how to realize it,” said Kaesmacher.

Wolsky recruited Kaesmacher two months later and the duo began developing various prototypes. They think the pen, when fully functional, will be an invaluable school aid for children and also for adults learning another language.

“One thing we’re cautious about is not creating a cheating aid for kids,” said Kaesmacher. “You still have to do the work of learning.” He added that they have received several invitations to conduct trials in real classrooms to measure the pen’s efficacy.

The pen can also digitize your writing by backing up a 2D image of your verse. They hope to release the pen for sale on their website in 2014 but have yet to finalize a price.