Reality Fighter Takes the Battle to Your Backyard

ABC News
This Could Be Big

With a rear facing camera and the newest augmented reality technology, the world in front of you is your backdrop in the new one-on-one combat game Reality Fighter for the PlayStation Vita.

Pin two players against each other in the battlefield in front of you, from the plains of Oklahoma to the rooftop of the Empire Hotel in New York, looking down at the intersection in front of Lincoln center, like we did.

To make it even more realistic you can play as yourself, by scanning your face and the face of your friends.

From the top of the building the fighters look Godzilla size, battling in front of the world famous performing arts center with traffic breezing by their feet. Even from 12 stories up the graphics look crisp and realistic, which was a concern since we weren't able to see the game before filming.

Augmented reality technology is a natural fit for handheld gaming and it will be interesting to see how people accept games like Reality Fighter, and where Sony takes the technology in the coming years.

Reality Fighter for the PlayStation Vita went on sale yesterday, March 13, for $30. The Vita which came out in February is $300 for the WiFi and 3G model and $250 for just WiFi.