Real-Life Tony Stark Makes Cool Lasers in Apartment

Andrew Lampard
This Could Be Big
Real-Life Tony Stark Makes Cool Lasers in Apartment

Patrick Priebe was a lab technician, working in Wuppertal, Germany, before he became a real-life Tony Stark.

Priebe, as evidenced by his extensive trove of YouTube videos, is an amateur maker of elaborate laser guns. The 30-year-old’s work caught our eye when we saw his version of “Iron Man’s” laser glove. You know, the one that Tony Stark uses in the Marvel movies to pulverize his enemies.

Pulse lasers that pop balloons, ornate steampunk blasters, mini laser guns -- Priebe assembles whatever he can imagine in his apartment without plans or blueprints.

He built his first laser after being inspired by the weapons in the original “Battlestar Galactica” television series from the late 1970s. After he was let go from his technician job, Priebe turned to laser-making full-time, selling custom work to clients who watch his YouTube videos.

Priebe is quick to point out that although he calls the lasers “guns,” they are not intended to be used as weapons. That said, some of the lasers could harm skin “but won’t cut your arm off,” he said. The lasers can do physical tricks, like popping a balloon, but caution should be taken when handling them.

“I don’t make weapons for anyone,” Priebe wrote in an email to ABC News. “[I] just wanna show what you can do in your free time with a few things and a teaspoon of creativity.”

In the video above, Priebe discusses his work and demos a view of his lasers. For his latest laser, which melts ice, watch the video embedded below.