A Password That You Won’t Forget But Always Changes

David Miller
This Could Be Big
A Password That You Won’t Forget But Always Changes

What if you never had to remember an electronic password again? No more password combinations of capitalized and lower case letters, no more resetting those passwords when you invariably forget their combinations. What if all you had to remember was a pattern of six boxes within a 6x6 grid that never changed?

Winfrasoft, a UK based security solutions firm, believes they’ve cracked our password woes with their new application, PINgrid. PINgrid promises two things: A password you won’t forget and a password that always changes.

It’s a 6x6 grid of constantly changing numbers that you can load on your phone or desktop. The user only needs to remember their unique pattern of six boxes and enter the numbers that appear in their pattern. Meanwhile, the numerical password changes each time a user logs in.

While it sounds tempting to get rid of numerical passwords, some logistical questions need to be answered. How will pattern-based passwords be implemented into our existing infrastructure? Will every ATM and desktop have a grid in the future? Or will we have to take out our phones to load PINgrid, creating another hassle altogether?

But if PINgrid is secure and adaptable one day, we may be able to eliminate password gluttony once and for all.