No Driver Needed: A Self-Parking Car

Bill Weir, C. Michael Kim, David Miller & Mark Monroy
This Could Be Big

If you're on the Las Vegas Strip this week and see a car drive past you at the entrance of the Mandarin Oriental without anyone in the driver's seat, it's not because the spirit of Hunter S. Thompson slipped something in your drink.

German car manufacturer Audi is demonstrating their brand new driverless car at the Consumer Electronics Show, which parks itself and picks you up with the assistance of a smart phone or tablet app.

It's hardly ready to go into production just yet, a point that was proven when the system miscalculated and drove the rigged A7 onto the curb during the first demonstration without anyone in the car.

But unlike Lexus, who is also showing a driverless car at CES, Audi gave us a full demonstration, letting us ride in the back seat while the car backed into a parking space between two cars with the assistance of sensors placed throughout the parking lot.

Even though this technology is in its infant stages it's exciting and impressive to see the development.