Never Worry About Focusing Your Camera Again

ABC News
This Could Be Big

Inside an unassuming 8 ounce body, Lytro hides technology that a decade ago required a room full of cameras tethered to a supercomputer.

Lytro is a new camera that looks like it was designed to fool you. On the outside it looks like a toy with a simple rectangular body, but on the inside it's the first consumer camera that can capture the entire light field, which means it can capture all the light traveling at every point in space.

Capturing the entire light field with a pocket size camera was made possible by shrinking down that room full of cameras attached to a supercomputer into a paper thin light field sensor.

By capturing the entire light field, the Lytro enables you to take a picture without setting the focus before you take your picture. Instead you simply snap a photo, and adjust the focus when you get home.

Don't waste time focusing and worry more about capturing that picture of your kid before they stop smiling, and stop being cute.