A Lollipop That Will Cure Your Hiccups

ABC News
This Could Be Big

Drink a glass of water upside down, hold your breath for 30 seconds then let it out slowly, eat a spoonful of sugar... these are a handful of the many home remedies people swear will get rid of hiccups every time.

But when a 13-year old girl from Connecticut named Mallory Kievman suffered from hiccups, she tried all of those remedies and more, but nothing seemed to work. So she decided to come up with her own cure: a lollipop that cures hiccups called the Hiccupop.

It combines her favorite cures: lollipops, sugar, and the active ingredient - apple cider vinegar.

But she didn't keep the invention to herself - instead she decided to enter the Hiccupop in the Connecticut Invention Convention, an annual invention competition for kids.

She admitted that before the competition she thought the lollipops would either succeed or bust. Well, the Hiccupop was a success, taking home the prize 'innovation' and 'patentability'.

Now, in between school, soccer tournaments and summer trips to the beach, Mallory is turning Hiccupops into a business. As part of her prize from the invention convention she has been assigned a team of University of Connecticut graduate business students to help her bring her idea to the public.

Mallory came down to speak with Bill and drop off some Hiccupop's to test. However, finding someone with hiccups turned out to be more difficult than finding a cure... and now we need YOUR help!