LEAP Motion Gesture Control May Replace the Mouse

Bill Weir, David Miller, Justin Bare & Mark Monroy
This Could Be Big
LEAP Motion Gesture Control May Replace the Mouse

Do you ever look at a computer mouse like it’s the still object in a time lapse photo? Like the lamp post or skyscraper that remains motionless while everything around it changes?

Computers have gotten faster and cheaper, and now exist in everything from our cars, phones, even refrigerators. But the humble mouse, aside from the laser tracker and wireless option, has stayed about the same.

But at South by Southwest Interactive, we found a company that may change the way we control our computers.

The LEAP Motion sensor, which plugs into your computer or laptop, allows you to control your computer with the movement of your hand in real time. With a sensor that is 200 times more precise than the Microsoft Kinect, the LEAP can detect all 10 fingers at once. It can accurately sense when your hand swipes, pokes, reaches and grabs, allowing you to operate compatible software without the use of a mouse.

This is still a new technology with a limited amount of compatible software. At SXSW, the demo was limited to a few design programs, and games like Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja. But as designers begin to create new programs, the possibilities will be countless.

The LEAP Motion sensor is available for pre-order now and will be able at Best Buy stores in May of this year.