Glow-in-the-dark Ice Cream

David Miller
This Could Be Big

From his lab in Buckinghamshire, England, “experimental ice creamist” Charlie Harry is creating ice cream flavors that make Ben and Jerry’s look vanilla. He’s made flammable sprinkles, edible mist, even ice cream made from a fire extinguisher.

But one of his new inventions will have you seeing ice cream in a whole new way: in the dark.

Using an ingredient that that you won’t find at your local ice cream shop, Charlie Harry has created a glow-in-the-dark ice cream that lights up when you lick it.

The secret ingredient: synthesized jellyfish protein. “I love when people think it contains jellyfish, it doesn’t, it contains a synthesized version of the luminescence protein.”

Right now he’s making a lemon and vanilla flavor, but it could be made with any flavor, “You could even have it jellyfish flavor if you wanted to,” says Harry.

When will we be able to line up on a hot summers night to try it? While it’s perfectly safe to eat, according to Harry, it still needs to go through the approval process. Once that’s taken care of it should be available to the public.

Even with flavors that might actually scare people, for Harry it’s about fun, “there’s a lovely correlation between ice cream which is that real nostalgic food, so it takes you right back to your childhood.”