Giant Leaps in Augmented Reality

ABC News
This Could Be Big

Amidst the massive buffet of electronic goodies that stuffs the annual techno fest that is the Consumer Electronics Show, we found - or rather, were found by - a company with an innovative new application that could truly change the way we utilize our phones and tablets, and even the way we look at the world. The company is Aurasma and their augmented reality application will forever change the way you look at a twenty dollar bill.

Aurasma is a free open source Android, iPhone and iPad app that allows you to interact with the world in a whole new way. You simply hold your phone up to a still image thats been augmented using Aurasma and it transforms into anything from a video, animation, or in the case of a Harry Potter poster, a movie trailer. But it doesn't simply connect to a link like a QR code, instead it's as if the movie poster or the $20 bill comes alive on the screen, like in the movie Jumanji.

Expect to hear more from Aurasma in the months to come. They've been one of the most talked about innovations at this year's show, and are a finalist in CNET's Best of CES awards.